Trainer Contract Wars Hack v9.0 Mega Hack

Trainer Contract Wars Hack Mega Hack


Now I want share hack for Contract Wars facebook game. Name of this hack is Contract Wars Mega Hack, why name this hack is Contract Wars Mega Hack? because features of this hack is very complete.

So, if you use Contract Wars Mega Hack and with these features, you can be the best in Contract Wars Game. Cheat Contract Wars (this cheats) was made by FaceCheatBrazil. FaceCheatBrazil also frequently publish my hack but unfortunately no mention of such a hack maker, but it does not matter. Hack Contract Wars is made in Cheat Engine and was made in the form of CETrainer. So, you must install Cheat Engine in your device so that contract wars mega hack can be open.
Game address:

Trainer features:

  • Use skills in hardcore mode
  • Radar Cheat
  • Skillhack + Firestab
  • High Accuracy
  • No Spread
  • Remove fog
  • Hit detection + show enemy motors + sonars
  • Binoculars
  • No Recoil
  • Unlocked All Weapons Set
  • SUPER Thermal
  • Remove thermal circle
  • VIP hack
  • Skillhack that doesn't show in your skilltree
  • Superzoom for snipers + sniper scopes
  • Speed Firerate
  • Mark On Enemy + Show Health (Wallhack)
  • Show Enemy Class
  • Antiban 1-3 
  • Skillhack + Firestab
  • Mark Players

Tools required cheat Contract Wars game:

  • Cheat Engine
  • Trainer
  • Browser

Steps to operate Contract Wars Mega Hack:

  1. Log into Contract Wars games, after you get into main of page open Contract Wars Mega Hack.
  2. On the Contract Wars Mega Hack click pick a processor and select process in accordance with the browser you are using, then click attach button, after that click continue button to open hack tab.
  3. Now, enable hack by click enable all button or enable hack one by one by clik name of the hack then click enable button.
  4. NOTE: You must be fast to activate in 50%, Radar hack only work when you activate this hack in 50% loading.
  5. Done, now back to the game and let’s defeat all enemy player.

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    Trainer Contract Wars Hack v9.0 Mega Hack

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