Gunfinger Unlimited Coin & Unlimited Gold

Hi everybody,this is a new hack for GUNFINGER,so enjoy and if i helped you click the like button below and see you to the next thread

  • An iDevice JB/NON;
  • A PC;
  • iFunBox/iTools;
  • Plist Editor
  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Unlimited Golds.
  1. Open the game and then close it even from multitasking.
  2. Connect the iDevice to PC
  3. Open iFunBox/iTools
  4. Click on the icon of game
  5. Click "Manage Files"
  6. Go in the "Library" -> "Preferences"
  7. Open the file "com.PixelToys.GunFinger.plist" with plist Editor
  8. Search for the string "< key > GameDataPlayer.m_iCash < /key >" and < key > GameDataPlayer.m_iGold < /key >
  9. Below this two string,you can see you current number of Coins and you current number of Golds.
  10. Modify it to "999.999.999" (Without points ".")
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