LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack v1.6 Hack Unlimited LEGO ID and more

  • An iDevice JB/NON;
  • "LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack";
  • A PC.
  • iFunBox/iTools.
  • Unlimited LEGO ID
  • All Armors Bought
  • All Weapons Bought
  1. Open the game,end the tutorial and then close the app even from multitasking.
  2. Connect the iDevice to the PC;
  3. Open iFunBox/iTools;
  4. Click on the icon of the game;
  5. Click on "Manage Files";
  6. Now,make a back-up of this folder "Library".;
  7. Download the my Attachment
  8. Replace the older folders with the mine;
  9. Save & Close;
  10. Open the game,and poof,you have Unlimited LEGO ID,All Armors Bought and All Wapons Bought.
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