Trainer Wind Runner v3.2 Mega Features

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Join the global sensation and get your copy of WIND RUNNER today! WeMade Entertainment's breakout hit is now available for download - and it's FREE! Challenge your friends and test your skills to the limit in this charming endless runner. And it's not just about running - collect pets and mounts to join you in your travels through a gorgeously realized world!
  • Easy & fun to play for all ages! Master the game with one finger!
  • Every run is unique with our high definition artwork and fantastic environments!
  • Wonderfully animated collectible pets and mounts!
  • An engaging upgrade system lets you run further and faster than ever before!
  • Featuring FEVER TIME! This hot level lets you collect some sizzling rewards!
  • Help out your friends by giving them magic running shoes!
  • BUT don't help them out too much because you will be competing against them in the weekly leaderboards!
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  • Start With Dash and Fly Until Fever Hits
  • Increases Money After Stage, use with Above For Best Results
  • When you Fail, you Last Spurt for 65 seconds
  • 8 Jumps, One Revive, Start With Shield
  • Bonus Cash at 127 if you pass atleast 2 friends.
  • All Powerup Pickups Last 5000 Seconds Except for the Dash
  • Browser
  • Trainer
  • Cheat Engine New Version
  • ErcHimA Jamu
How to inject E-Jamu on Cheat Engine:
  1. Open Cheat Engine Folder default folder is C:\Program Files\Cheat Engine X.X
  2. Open Folder Autorun
  3. Copy ErcHimA Jamu
  4. Paste ErcHimA Jamu to folder Autorun
  5. Finish
Tutorial 1:
  1. Inject ErcHimA Jamu
  2. Open Wind Runner
  3. Open Trainer
  4. Inject Proccess
  5. Waiting to lobby
  6. Activated all Cheat exception "Pause & Play"
  7. Happy Cheating
Tutorial 2:
  1. Inject ErcHimA Jamu
  2. Open Wind Runner
  3. Open Trainer
  4. Inject Proccess
  5. Activated cheat on loading
  6. Disable the "Pause & Play"
  7. Happy Cheating
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Trainer Wind Runner v3.2 Mega Features

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