Trainer Dibble Bash v3.1 Unlimited Dibble

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Join us, the Penguins of Madagascar, on our newest adventure: Dibble Dash! We’ve been training for years and have perfected our lighting fast reflexes, unbeatable speed, and remarkable ability to locate Cheezy Dibbles, and we’re ready for YOU to join us. You’ll have to use your brain and your brawn as you solve math problems and run at top speeds while you try to ourtun the evil octopus henchmen and avoid mutant-creating goo! Kowalski’s devised some special power-ups to help you out of tough situations, but that’s not all! New daily missions and changing obstacle courses keep your spy senses sharp with new challenges. You’ll be controlling all four of us penguins at once as your swipe your way through different courses on the hunt for Cheezy Dibbles. As Kowalski might say - brains are an important part of this operation. There’s your mission, cadet. Are you ready to take it on?

Game address

  • Unlimited Dibble
  • Trainer
  • Cheat Engine
  • Browser
  1. Open Dibble Dash into lobby
  2. Open trainer
  3. Inject process
  4. Select cheat
  5. Activated cheat
  6. Happy cheating
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Trainer Dibble Bash v3.1 Unlimited Dibble

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