Erchima Game DLL Injector All Version

Erchima Game DLL Injector v4.2.3


This program used to change the data value in game, by using method injecting from DLL file. This freeware working for Online Games PC (Launcher) and free from viruses, malware and keyloger. Lets hack your game.


  • Auto Inject
  • Manual Inject
  • Auto close injector when DLL was injected
  • Hotkey button for injecting F1
  • Multi DLL Injecting files
  • Can use to Game Online
  • Game and Injecting status
  • Log files
  • Saved setting to ErchimaDLLInjector.ini files


  1. Open your game
  2. Type your game process on EXE Program Injecting text box
  3. Select injecting mode
  4. Select your DLL for injecting using Browse button
  5. Press hotkey (F1) or press Inject button
  6. Enjoy hacking
- Adding Auto Inject
- Adding F1 hotkey for injecting
- Multi DLL Inject
- Game and Injecting status


  • Almaftuchin

Release date:

  • 11 January 2016

Version 4.2.3:

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Erchima Game DLL Injector All Version

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