Erchima Speed Hack Update Version 3.1

Erchima Speed Hack v3.1 For All Browser Games


This software to change speed value in game (Not personal speed but all). So you can get 'Fast Speed' or 'Slow Speed' following what you choice. This freeware was teseted using 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Google Chrome' working perfect.


  • Speed Hack x0.1
  • Speed Hack x0.5
  • Speed Hack x0.8
  • Speed Hack x2
  • Speed Hack x5
  • Speed Hack x10
  • Speed Hack x15
  • Speed Hack x20
  • Speed Hack x25
  • Speed Hack x50
  • Speed Hack x75
  • Speed Hack x100


  1. Open your game
  2. Open Erchima Speed Hack
  3. Inject Erchima Speed Hack to your browser that you open the game
  4. Select one the speed hack in Hacking List
  5. Enjoy Faster
- One Erchima Speed Hack for one browser.
- Speed hack only working selected one, if you activated all speed hack, speed hack will active only first hack taht you choice.
- To disable speed hack or back to normal just select the active speed hack and click 'Disable' button.
- This is only speed hack, not movement speed or time speed.
- Some games do not work with this hack because the problem of protection

Version 3.1:

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