Cheat Helldivers Hack v3.1 Multi Hack

Cheat Helldivers Hack v3.1 Multi Hack


Game name: Helldivers
Game process: Helldivers.exe
Game version: -
Release date: 10 December 2015


  • Set Earned Research Points to 999
  • Set Experience to 999,999 (Takes effect after mission)
  • Set Unlimited Ammo [Hotkey: F5] (Activate once before a mission)
  • Set Unlimited Armor [Hotkey: F6] (Activate while on mission)
  • Set One-Hit Kill [Hotkey: F7] (Activate while on mission)
  • Set Move Speed (While Aiming) [Hotkey: F8] (activate once before a mission)


  • Cheat Table
  • Cheat Engine
  • Helldivers.exe


  1. Open hellrivers.exe first
  2. Inject to Cheat to helldivers.exe
  3. Activated Bypass
  4. Select another cheat
  5. Tick the box [ ] until change to [X]
  6. Enjoy hacking


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