Cheat Total War Shogun 2 Hack v3.1 Multi Features

Cheat Total War Shogun 2 Hack v3.1 Multi Features


Game name: Total War - Shogun 2
Game version: 1.10 (Build 5806)
Game sponsor: A local friend (via GIFT)
Process name: Shogun2.exe
Release date: 15 December 2015


  • Prepare environment for disabling CRC Checking
  • RTS:- God Mode
    - Unlimited Ammo (Arrows, Bombs, etc)
  • TBS:- Unlimited Movement Points (Army on strategic map)
    - Recover Troop Size when army moves (Army on strategic map)
    - One turn Recruitment (Troops and Ships)
    - One turn Research (Mastery on Arts)
    - One turn Construction (Town/Province on strategic map)
    - Minimum Gold (on strategic map)
    - Pointer to Player's current gold (on strategic map)
    - Pointer to Skill points of select army's officer (on strategic map)
    - Pointer to Player's Agent that last moved (on strategic map)
In order to identify the human player, at the start/load of any game, selected a troop with an officer or selected a city info.


  • CTRL+HOME = Enable  all RTS cheats (GM and AMMO) 
  • CTRL+END  = Disable all RTS cheats (GM and AMMO) 
  • CTRL+PAGE_UP   = Enable  all TBS cheats
  • CTRL+PAGE_DOWN = Disable all TBS cheats
You can easily create/modify Hotkeys.
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