Cheat Fairy Fencer F Hack v3.1 +52 Multi Features

Cheat Fairy Fencer F Hack v3.1 +52 Multi Features

Game descripiton:

Long ago, the Vile God and the Goddess waged war with each other. Equally matched, they were sealed away in another world…
Now a lazy young man named Fang somehow finds himself a key part of this war he’d really rather not deal with, but fate beckons in this uncommon RPG!


  • Party Stats. 
    • Revival Rank fixed to not affect Quest Rank. 
    • Quest Rank. 
    • Quest Points. A certain number of Quest Points must be reached (and limited to) before the special upgrade rank Quest is made available. 
    • Item Flags. "In Stock" means is in Shop. 
  • Weapon Boost Stats. 
    • Stats Set to Massive? (Auto Disable)" readded, can affect enemies so don't enable unless actually looking at desired Character. 
  • Quest Stats. 
    • Quest Requirement IDs. 
    • Quest Requirement Quantities. 
    • Reward Money. 
    • Reward Quest Points. 
    • Reward Item IDs. 
    • Reward Item Quantities. 
  • Enemy Info Stats. 
    • "Dropped & Stolen Items Set to All Known?" sets Dropped & Stolen Items to all known. 
  • Battle Stats. 
    • "Battle Stats Base Address Scan (To Update: Battle)" fixed to actually work for multi-character parties. 
  • Battle Results Stats. 
    • "Earned Set to Massive?" increased to more than 9999999999. 
  • Character Stats. 
    • Enemy templates can be affected as well by viewing Enemy Info. 
  • Fairy Stats. 
    • Status Flags. 
    • Battle Counter. 
  • Battle Results Stats. 
    • "Always Dropped Item (To Update: Battle)" sets Dropped Items to be always dropped. 
    • "Earned Set to Massive?" sets Earned EXP, Money, WP to massive. 
  • Party Stats. 
    • Play Data. 
    • Challenges. 
    • Revival Rank. 
    • Items ID and Quantity. Item ID list in Slot 1 Dropdown. 
  • Weapon Boost Stats. 
    • "WP Set to Massive?" sets WP to massive. 
  • Fairy Stats. 
    • "EXP Set to Massive?" sets Fairy exp to massive. 
    • Level. 
    • Fairy Type. 
    • Fury & Shaping Effect. The game looks at this (the Fury on every Fairy) to determine what other Fury is not yet released at Godly Revival. 
  • Battle Stats. 
    • "Battle Stats Select Base Address Scan (To Update: View Character Status)" use this to select a Character outside battle. 
  • Dungeon Camera Stats. 
    • "Camera Limits Removed?" removes Tilt and Zoom limits. Tilt changes very slowly when the camera is pointing normally. 
  • Party Stats. 
    • "Money Set to Massive?" sets Money to massive. 
  • Item Stats. 
    • "Quantity Set to Massive?" sets Item Quantities to massive. 
  • Character Stats. 
    • "HP Set to Max?" sets HP to max. 
    • "SP Set to Max?" sets SP to max. 
    • "Tension Gauge Set to Massive?" sets Tension Gauge to massive. 
    • "Stats Set to Massive?" sets Stats to massive. 
  • Battle Stats. 
    • "HP Set to Max?" sets HP to massive (effectively Godmode). 
    • "SP Set to Max?" sets SP to massive. 
    • "Tension Gauge Set to Massive?" sets Tension Gauge to massive. 


  • Cheat Table
  • Cheat Engine
  • Fairy Fencer F Games


  1. Open Fairy Fencer F Game
  2. Play games for 1 minutes
  3. Open cheat
  4. Inject cheat to Fairy Fencer F Game
  5. Tick the box [ ]
  6. Waiting fo any second until the box [ ] was change to [X]
  7. Enjoy gaming


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