Source Code Black Shot Hack v3.1 Weapon Hack All Server

Source Code Black Shot Hack v3.1 Weapon Hack All Server

Game description:

Blackshot is a realistic lobby based modern day tactical FPS that's similar to games like Combat Arms, CrossFire, and Sudden Attack. The game was originally licensed in the U.S. back in 2008, but was never released. The European version launched in 2010 and evolved to become the global version of Blackshot. The game is currently self published by the developer, Vertigo Games. Despite its age, Blackshot remains popular in Southeast Asia and has maintained a core audience in its Global version.

Working server:

  • Indonesian
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Philippines


  • Grenade Hack
  • Knife Hack
  • Miscellaneous Hack
  • Pistol Hack
  • Rifle Hack
  • Shotgun Hack
  • Sniper Hack
  • Sub Machine Gun Hack
  • Default scan code Hack


  • Visual Studio Desktop 2013 (for making DLL Files)
  • Erchima Game DLL Injector
  • DLL hack files
  • Hack Code (Pointer)


  1. Open your Visual Studio Desktop 2013
  2. Make DLL using the hack code
  3. Open Black Shot game
  4. Open Erchima Game DLL Injector
  5. Inject the DLL to 'BlackShot.exe'
  6. Waiting for anysecond until showing text 'Games was injected'
  7. Enjoy gaming
  8. For more into how to make DLL Inject:


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