Trainer Black Shot Gameguard Bypasser for All Server


This bypass allow us run blackshot without gameguard and modified blackshot using cheat engine without getting detect
but this is beta bypass... you can only use it for 5 minute or less

Working server:

  • Indonesian
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Philippines


  • Gameguard undetected


  • Black Shot Game
  • Gameguard Bypass


  1. Right click on Black Shot Launcher desktop
  2. Find location where Black Shot was installed
  3. Open following folder Blackshot > system > GameGuard
  4. Find 'Gameguard.des' file
  5. Move these file to what you want for backup
  6. Open Gameguard Bypass Beta
  7. Open Blackshot game and start the game
  8. Waiting for Gameguard error then press 'Numpad 1' and 'Numpad 2'
  9. Click 'OK' for error Gameguard popup dialog
  10. Now close the Gameguard Bypasser
  11. Enjoy bypassing Gameguard, now you can open hacking tool like cheat engine without detected by Gameguard


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Trainer Black Shot Gameguard Bypasser for All Server

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