Tools Hack v3.3 Mass Hack

Tools Hack v3.3 Mass Hack

Game description:

The viral sensation! Eat cells smaller than you and don't get eaten by the bigger ones!

Game address:


  • Mass Hack


  • Powerups Extension
  • Tools
  • Google Chrome Browser

File size:

  • Tools ( 46 KB)


  1. Download and install chrome extension
  2. Download Minion Codes
  3. Click chrome option (  ) on top right
  4. Click settings
  5. Click extensions
  6. Checkbox the 'Developer mode'
  7. Click 'Load unpacked extension..'
  8. Select folder where the 'Erchima - v3.3' was extract
  9. Click 'OK' button
  10. Now click the extension '' button on top right
  11. And will showing new tab
  12. Select an hack what you want
  13. And play the games
  14. Enjoy hacking


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Tools Hack v3.3 Mass Hack

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