Cheat Sheltered Hack v1.0 +14 Health, Needs, Loyalty, Stats, and More

Cheat Sheltered Hack v1.0 +14 Health, Needs, Loyalty, Stats, and More

Game description:

Panting, scared, the shelter airlock smashes down behind you. You wish you did not have to go outside, but you do. It would be easier to give up. But you don’t. The hardship, the hunger, the thirst. The fear. You keep reminding yourself why you stay alive. Why you do this. Then you hear it. “Daddy you’re back.” You wife’s face lights up and you open a bag full of medical supplies. You need not tell her how you got them. You simply enjoy your small victory in this, the harshest of times. In the post-apocalyptic world, you must keep your family alive in your underground bunker in this deep strategy game from Unicube...

Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic disaster management game that gives a whole new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. Given a head-start over the billions lost in a nuclear holocaust, you must gather as many supplies as possible en route to the concrete underground shelter that will soon become your family home for the foreseeable dreary future.

With all hope lost, how will you cope in this bleak new world? How you handle the many moral choices you'll encounter on a daily basis could be the difference between your family surviving or dying. Combat claustrophobia, radiation and mental exhaustion as you cling desperately to life in the cramp, cold and scary underground shelter. You’ll have to leave the scant protection the shelter offers behind as you’re forced to venture outside into the dangerous desolate wasteland to scavenge for vital supplies which could ensure your families survival for just one more day.

Steam game address:

Cheat features:

  • UI_Character
  • Health Set to Max
  • Needs Set to 0
  • Loyalty Set to Max
  • Stats Set to Massive
  • Speed Set to Massive
  • Obj_Integrity
  • Integrity Set to Max
  • Obj_Generator
  • Fuel Set to Max
  • Obj_Pet
  • Pet Health Set to Max, Hunger Set to 0
  • Exploration Manager
  • Needs Set to 0

Require file:

  • Cheat Table
  • Cheat Engine 6.4
  • Sheltered Games

File size:

  • Cheat Table (228 KB)


  1. Open Sheltered Game
  2. Play games for 5 seconds
  3. Open Sheltered cheat
  4. Inject cheat to Sheltered Game
  5. Tick the box [ ]
  6. Waiting fo any second until the box [ ] was change to [X]
  7. Enjoy gaming

Games trailer:

Download link:

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Cheat Sheltered Hack v1.0 +14 Health, Needs, Loyalty, Stats, and More

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