Cheat Disgaea Hack v1.0 +44 Mega Features

Cheat Disgaea Hack v1.0 +44 Mega Features

Game descritpion:

Two years after the death of his father, Overlord Krichevskoy, the demon prince Laharl awakens to discover that the Netherworld is in turmoil. With unlikely allies, his devious vassal Etna and the angel trainee Flonne, he must battle his way to supremacy to retake the throne and become the next Overlord. Experience the SRPG classic, now on PC!

Key Features:
An SRPG from the most prolific SRPG creators in the world, Nippon Ichi Software
Choose from over 40 unique character types
Even with a max level of 9999, use Transmigration to start all over again, but your characters will be even stronger per level!
Delve into the Item World, a randomly generated dungeon world, to level up your items!
With max level characters and leveled-up items, dish out millions of points of damage!
Over-the-top battle animations
Geo Panels - A puzzle game within a Strategy RPG
Lift & Throw - Throw your allies up ledges to reach enemies in hard-to-reach spots, or toss your enemies around instead!
A zany story set in the Netherworld, where the notions of good and evil are reversed

New to Disgaea PC (It's not just a port!):
Updated UI and textures
Keyboard/Mouse and controller support
Includes all content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
New Steam features, such as Achievements, Cloud Saves, Badges, and trading cards

Steam game address:

Cheat features:

  • Player Stats. 
    • Rosen Queen Company Set to Massive
    • Some Dark Records. 
    • Bonus Gauge. 
  • Status Stats. 
    • Dark Assembly Set to Massive
    • Special Techniques ID, Level, EXP. 
    • Number of Special Techniques.
  • Battle Stats. 
    • Move & Action Set to Always Possible (Sets Move & Action to always possible. Still need to "Execute Action" but do not have to "End Turn" to move / queue actions again) 
  • Item Stats 
    • Attributes & Rarity Set to Massive
    • Specialists. 
    • Item ID. 
    • Attributes. 
    • LV / Cleared Floors. 
    • Max LV / Cleared Floors. 
    • Rarity. 
    • Max Pop. 
  • Player Stats. 
    • Play Time Set to 0
    • Hospital Set to Massive
    • HL Set to Massive
    • Customer Rank Set to Massive
  • Status Stats. 
    • Attributes Set to Massive
    • Mana Set to Massive
    • Resistances Set to Max
    • Special Techniques Set to Max
    • Weapon Mastery Set to Max
  • Status Stats. 
    • EXP. 
    • Ailment Resistance. 
    • Attributes. 
    • Weapon Mastery Exp. 
    • Mana. 
    • Weapon Mastery Level. 
    • Weapon Mastery Class. 
    • LV. 
    • Elemental Resistance. 
    • JM. 
    • MV. 
    • Counter. 

Require file:

  • Cheat Table
  • Cheat Engine 6.4
  • Disgaea Games

File size:

  • Cheat Table (292 KB)


  1. Open Disgaea Game
  2. Play games for 5 seconds
  3. Open Disgaea cheat
  4. Inject cheat to Disgaea Game
  5. Tick the box [ ]
  6. Waiting fo any second until the box [ ] was change to [X]
  7. Enjoy gaming

Items ID:

Download link:

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