Cheat First Blood Indonesia Update 9 Agustus 2018 Bypass, Walhack Charms, Auto AIM, No Recoil, Crosshair, and More

First Blood Indonesia is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game with graphics that almost resemble FPS games like Counter Strike and Under Fire with the slogan "The lightest FPS game in the world".

Cheat First Blood Indonesia which we release has a feature to facilitate the player in playing the game either with friends cafe, mahoan or opponent friend. By using this cheat you will be given various any cool features that can be used. This cheat is already tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Your laptop or PC must have Dot Net minimum 3.5 version installed to be able to run this cheat. In addition to the Cheat running smoothly, please download Jamu on links that have been given and run every time will use this Cheat.

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Features Cheat First Blood Hack Indonesia

  • Bypass (Auto)
  • WallHack Charms CT
  • WallHack Charms TR
  • Crosshair
  • Charms Weapon
  • Charms Drop Weapon
  • Item ESP
  • Auto AIM Head
  • Auto AIM Body
  • Horizontal AIM
  • Item Bullet Killer


  • Up Arrow and Up Arrow: Select Menu
  • Right Arrow and Left Arrow: On / Off Cheat & Replace Menu

Tutorial How To Use Cheat First Blood Hack Indonesia

  1. Open Jamu (Run as Administrator)
  2. Open First Blood Indonesia Launcher and Login as usual (Stay in lobby)
  3. Open Cheat (Run as Administrator)
  4. Select the process named firstblood
  5. Wait a few moments until the inject is finished and display the message
  6. Enable cheat by pressing Arrow Keys
  7. Start game
  8. Enjoy gaming
    If you experience DC after using the cheat please clear the cache internet explore.


    • Always use a second account first to make sure the cheat is safe.
    • Turn off antivirus first before opening the cheat.Your account is banned? Please read the details here.
    • A cheat menu solution that does not appear after the inject here

    Video Tutorial How To Use Cheat First Blood Hack Indonesia

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