Honkai Impact Apk v1.2.0 Mod (God Mode/No Skill Cooldown/Use Skill No Cost Mana)

Huberian, the command system switches to the battle bridge
Auxiliary engine energy rapidly rising, began to host the transmission of ignition power, from the critical value of 5%
Notice the ship, into the ignition countdown, 10,9,8 …
Download button Ultimate bolt unlock, crash crash, start!

So, from today, you are my captain of the Well?
Please bear in mind that I am Huibulian Battleship AI Mother, love sauce ~ guard the ship, is my mission, but also the captain’s mission!
So, let me first to test your intelligence bo ~
Feet off the ground, the virus on the closed, intelligent intelligence and occupation of the Highlands … Please answer!
Answer, 忽悠, you then Huyou, Congratulations, you unlock the IQ level, rice Huyou eat dates pills.
Answer, blue eighty-eight, Congratulations, you unlock the IQ level, sold the villa to do the game.
what! ?? Captain you do not understand love sauce in Han?
So, congratulations to you unlock the IQ level, Qi (cao) Asia (lv) Na (chong) of the brain!
Nani? . Love sauce just caught a stunning name! Wendy!
Yo ~ as a human, captain really is amazing, even know that the fourth law is a wheelchair!
No, not with the captain to understand the words, it should be, how do you know the name of the game before playing the third chapter it!
Does the captain like love sauce, as well as the ability to hacking other people’s mobile phones?
欸 ~ Hey ~ Hey ~ This reminds the love sauce. Captain mobile phone root access has been, let me look at the captain also know what top secret information.
In order to achieve the next generation of cartoon rendering, Davis sold three sets of villas. Under the tutelage of the old driver, the big Viagra women latent cable method, learning action game mantra: 3D free view!
So, in order to do the captain of the post, you still pretty hard to work for you ~ ~ this human, love sauce is somewhat recognized it.
欸 ~ ~ not right, love the sauce seems to have just seen what a great thing.
There is also an encrypted folder! Password is actually the birthday buds!
Babble ~ Captain really shameless! Really did not expect, you turned out to be such a captain!

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Game Info

Game Name : Honkai Impact
Game Category : Role Playing Games
Last Updated On : November 15, 2016
Game Size : 680 MB
Version of The Game : 1.2.0
Developer Firm : miHoYo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : –
Total Installs : 1,000,000 +
Google Play Rating : –

Mod Info

Mod (God Mode/No Skill Cooldown/Use Skill No Cost Mana)

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Honkai Impact Apk v1.2.0 Mod (God Mode/No Skill Cooldown/Use Skill No Cost Mana)

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