Cheat Tales of Zestiria Hack v1.0 Unlimited Hit Points, 1 Hit Kill, Infinite BG, EXP Multiplier, and More

Cheat Tales of Zestiria Hack made with Cheat Engine and lua script and has been tested on Windows 7 64bit and the results work 100%. This cheat works on game Tales of Zestiria in offline or online.

Features In Trainer Tales of Zestiria Hack

  • Info - Gald, Meals, Playtime 
  • Party Members & Stats - Also includes follower IDs - have any two followers (ever wanted 3 Soreys running around?) 
  • Artes 
  • Arte Usage 
  • Items - Infinite Items, Unlock All, or just set quantity manually for any item (Consumables, Snacks, Valuables and Fashion) 
  • Outfit - Ever wanted to run around wearing Mikleo's clothes and Rose's hair? Too bad, people will give you odd looks. 
  • Battle Actions - Choose as many BAs as you want, modify the conditions for unlocking them, or just unlock them all! 
  • Support Talents - Select a talent, then set it to max level. Or freeze Preparation to 0 and make items with every step! 
  • Titles - Level up your titles with no grinding needed 
  • Equipment Editor - Customize your gear to your heart's content 
  • Lord of the Lands Grade - Why give them items or farm mobs when you could just edit it. Set these high to unlock extra stuff in NG+ 
  • NG+ Grade Shop 
  • Enemy Book - Mouseover pointer to kills, can set to 200 (max) 
  • Difficulty - Change difficulty (Warning: Do NOT set this to a difficulty you have not unlocked) 
  • Difficulty Battles - You need 300 Hard wins to unlock Insane, and 400 Insane wins to unlock Chaos. Or, now, 0. 
  • Around the world: 
  • Shop - How much you've spent determines their rank towards you. 
  • Super Sprint - Windstep running out? Who needs it. (don't set it too high or stuff might break) 
  • Infinite Water Cloak - Makes the Water Temple a bit easier to manage 
  • Location Editor - Includes Save & Load location (Num 7 Save, Num 8 Load. Can't load from a previous area (ie, map change)) 
  • In battle: 
  • Unlimited Hit Points - Never take damage 
  • Unlimited Hit Points + 1-hit KO - Never take damage, kill things instantly. 
  • Unlimited Spirit Chain - Never run out of SC. 
  • Select Enemy for OHKO - Select an enemy with Tab, then OHKO them. 
  • Infinite BG Sets in-battle BG to 9. Does not give you the achievement. 
  • EXP Multiplier - Any integer multiplier, does not show in battles. 
  • Monster Kills - Mob Kill multiplier 
  • Battles as Character Multiplier 
  • Battle Results - Change the final results. Also has an EXP multiplier and a Gald multiplier. 
  • Grade - Change what contributes towards your Grade. Multiplier for the most-effective Grade stat: Foes Defeated at Once. 

Tools Needed So Cheat Tales of Zestiria Hack Can Be Used

  • Cheat Engine
  • Cheat Tales of Zestiria CT
  • Game Tales of Zestiria

    Tutorial How To Use Cheat Tales of Zestiria Hack

    1. Download and install Cheat Engine (Skip this step if already installed Cheat Engine)
    2. Download Dark Souls III Cheat Hack CT
    3. Open Game Tales of Zestiria and do not click on anything
    4. Inject Cheat Engine to process Tales of Zestiria.exe
    5. Press the Active Button on the left side cheat list
    6. Wait a while until there is a X in the box Active
    7. Back to the game
    8. Enjoy gaming

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      Cheat Tales of Zestiria Hack v1.0 Unlimited Hit Points, 1 Hit Kill, Infinite BG, EXP Multiplier, and More

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