Almaftuchin - Ascii x Hex Converter v1.2

Ascii x Hex Converter application is a tool to convert Ascii text to Hex text or vice versa. This tool is required when you create a cheat or trainer application by hiding the original code and / or unpacking a code from an average game using Hex code in the game itself. With this tool you will be faster to convert the code than using the method of calculation or online that requires internet bandwidth to be able to open it. This tool is often used when making cheat or trainer in scan and replace method. Please see further details below.

Detail About Ascii x Hex Converter

  • File name : Almaftuchin - Ascii x Hex Converter
  • File size : 12 KB
  • MD5 : b10afcc325042002233260e3478f49ea
  • SHA1 : 8a771acf7c7b5ac507378fac6cad690134b1dc89
  • SHA256 : 20076086b47eff085d3975fbc087048b039c92e2ef0b009863ec6b4c086c1234

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Almaftuchin - Ascii x Hex Converter v1.2

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